„Klasuze otya“ – Interview mit Agnes aus Uganda

Student: Hello Agnes, can you introduce yourself first?
Agnes: Hello, yes of course. My name is Agnes Nanyanzi Hambsch. I am 16 years old and I live in Uganda. That’s in Africa.
S: What are you doing in Germany?
A: I’m visiting my sponsors, they live in Rheinhausen.
S: Are you going to school in your country? Which one& how does it look?

A: Yes, I’m going to a boarding school which is only for girls. It has six buildings, but there are only one classroom for each class only. And there is only one room for sciences. Our classrooms are compared to yours very small. There’re like 65 people in one room. It’s very hot and there’s not enough space.
S: Which language do you speak there?
A: We’re not allowed to talk any other language than english in our school.
S: How does your daily routine look like?
A: So we wake up at 3.00 am and then we have the possibility to breakfast, but many girls don’t do that because you must have the money for it.
Then school starts at 4.00 am till 11.00 am. From 11.00 am up to 12.00 am we have a break. After this break we have school again up to 1.00 pm. Then we have lunch, that’s normally “posho and beans”, that’s water with corn. It doesn’t taste that good.
After lunch we have school from 4.00 pm up to 10.00 pm. Then school is over.
S: Which subjects do you have?
A: We have maths, chemistry, physics,english&PE(Volleyball&football).
S: Do you have school on weekends?
A: Yes, the only time i’m allowed to go home to my grandma is on holidays. We have 2 months winter holidays and 4 week summer holidays.
S: What is not that good about your school?
A: I’m not allowed to sleep in my breaks and we’re getting beaten if we’re not acting how we should. I think my school is horrible compared to yours. I’m not even allowed to talk my mother tongue, if I do it get beaten.
S: Could you say something on your language?
A:” klasuze otya”-thats like “good morning”
S: That was very interesting- thanks agnes. We hope , you’ll come back soon! Have a good flight.

by: Chiara Steinel, Maria Kasmi, Lina Zapf

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